Seven things that are happening this week.
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What's Happening This Week

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Monday - 8:20PM

Pitch Perfect 2 / Furious 7
Rustic Tri-Vue Drive-In
1195 Eddie Dowling Highway, North Smithfield
$27 per car

A cappella music is very polarizing. My own college freshman experience was marred terribly by a pre-assigned roommate who endlessly rehearsed jokey barbershop versions of "The Real Slim Shady." But that's no excuse to avoid the wildly hyped Pitch Perfect 2, which made more money in its opening weekend than its predecessor did in its entire box office run. The sequel also managed the second-highest grossing opening of all time for a film with a female director. The Rustic, Rhode Island's only drive-in, operates on the weekends but there's a special holiday double feature.


Far From The Madding Crowd
CinemaWorld Lincoln Mall / Showcase Cinemas Warwick
$7 (Lincoln
) / $8 (Warwick)

Quirky Dogme 95 alumnus Thomas Vinterberg directs the new adaptation of Thomas Hardy's weepy Far From The Madding Crowd, a soapy novel first published in 1874. Carey Mulligan stars as the headstrong Miss Everdene; yes, the Hunger Games heroine was named after her. She inherits an uncle's farm and decides she's going to run it herself in between rejecting marriage proposals from basically everyone. There's a handsome sheep farmer, a missing soldier, and someone ripping a coffin open to check on who's actually inside. The costumes are lovely.


The Lost Museum
Rhode Island Hall, 60  George Street

It's the final week for The Lost Museum, the New York Times approved exercise in which a former natural history museum was recreated on its original site. The doors of the Jenks Museum at Brown closed a century ago, but the few remaining artifacts have been gathered up and placed in three display cases rather randomly. In an adjacent room, several dozen artists recreated ghost versions of some items that have gone missing over the years, from a taxidermied Pomeranian to the nails from Roger Williams' coffin. The overall concept is interesting but a Victorian natural history museum ought to be really strange and overwhelming, which this is not.

Thursday - 8:00PM

Koolmorf Widesen
Machines With Magnets
400 Main Street, Pawtucket

Italian producer Leonardo Barbadoro has been releasing acid/electro music since the middle of the last decade. I am terrible at writing adjectives about electronic music, so here are some PR words about an EP from last summer and you'll get the idea: "Immensely complex, melodically intricate and rich in atmospheric tension, [it] utilizes dynamic coatings of synthesized sounds to create a dark and eerie sonic space that looms overhead a frenzy of aggressive chopped android beats that effortlessly shift in tempo and complexity with acute precision throughout the duration of the EP." Well then.

Friday - 8:00PM

The Menzingers
The Met
1005 Main Street, Pawtucket
$15 / $17


It's not always pretty when punk bands age and get a little serious, so it was mildly alarming to see the Menzingers' fourth album kick off with a song called "I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore." It's a boozy anthem with a very shoutable chorus, which is kind of the Pennsylvania quartet are known for, and the Menzingers can howl with the best of them. Their 2012 album On the Impossible Past was hailed as a masterpiece in certain circles, and their more recent Rented World is super melodic and also lots of fun.

Saturday - 7:30PM

Melancholy Play: A Chamber Musical
Trinity Repertory Company, 201 Washington Street
$30 / $36

Tilly is a bank teller so relentlessly glum that her tailor, her hairdresser, and her therapist all fall madly in love with her. Sarah Ruhl's play was first produced fourteen years ago, but this is the official premiere of the musical adaptation she co-wrote with Todd Almond. Trinity's promotional posters make the play seem like a sappy goop festival, but Ruhl calls the play a farce and an optimistic Boston Globe preview discusses the production's absurd hilarity, referencing a cast that was in stitches during rehearsals.

Sunday - 4:30PM

Beyond Wrestling: The Real Thing
Fête, 103 Dike Street
$25 in advance

Live professional wrestling is something everyone ought to experience at least once. People get so excited! It's really weird!  Local promotion Beyond Wrestling has had a monthly-ish residency at Fête for quite a while now, and people — dudes, primarily — drive from all over the region to watch grown men and women jump off of ropes and hit each other with folding chairs. The results are predetermined, but honestly that shouldn't matter unless you plan to closely follow the independent wrestling circuit. The athleticism is real, though, as is the blood, which tends to pour freely at these events.
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