Seven things that are happening this week.
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What's Happening This Week

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Monday - 4:00PM

Paul Harding
Mary Tefft White Cultural Center
Roger Williams University Library, Bristol

Tinkers and Enon, the first two novels by Paul Harding, look closely at death in a small New England town. Tinkers, which won the Pulitzer in 2010, begins with a watch repairman on his deathbed. In Enon, the same man's grandson is confronted with the abrupt death of his daughter. Harding, currently a visiting professor at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, heads to Roger Williams as part of the school's Talking In The Library series.

Tuesday - 5:30PM

It Follows
Showcase Cinemas

It's not very often that critics fall head over heels for mainstream horror movies, but horror doesn't often get nominated for Jury Prizes at Cannes, either. It Follows lost the Cannes prize to an erotic drama told entirely in Ukrainian sign language—oh well!—but it lingers for a third week at all the local Showcases. A teenaged girl from the Detroit suburbs gets infected with a supernatural STD, a shape-shifting apparition that no one else can see. The only way to rid of it is to pass it on through sex, an interesting twist to the genre's typical hysteria about the mating habits of teenagers.

Wednesday - 10:00AM

Spring Book Sale
Rochambeau Library, 708 Hope Street

The biannual fundraiser for the Friends of Rochambeau features over 20,000 used and rare books books, a majority of which can be yours for a dollar or less. There's also a section for rare titles, so it's best to get to this five-day event on the early side. Monday is dealers only, Tuesday is open to members of the Friends of Rochambeau. The free event opens to the general public on Wednesday.

Thursday - 8:00PM

Cage Match
Grant Recital Hall, 105 Benevolent Street

It's been six years since Brown staged the first Cage Match, a nonsensical event pairing the compositions of John Cage with the films of the campiest Coppola. (The press materials use the phrase uncompromising figures to justify how the two men have in common anything in common besides a last name.) John Cage's Water Music — played with piano, radio, three whistles and a deck of cards — was paired at the last event with scenes from National Treasure: Book of Secrets, while the performance of 4'33" consisted largely of the audience laughing at a scene from Adaptation.


Centennial Armenian Genocide
Studio Z, 25 Eagle Street

The genocide of 1.5 million Armenians by Turkish forces has largely been forgotten, although it directly led to Rhode Island's influx of Armenian immigrants a century ago. A large exhibit at Studio Z combines documentary materials about the genocide with old and new art about that period of world history. Particularly interesting are reproduced overs of political magazines and newspapers from 1915, along with political posters from the 1980s relating to an attack by Armenian nationalists on the Turkish consulate in Paris.

Saturday - 6:00PM

Publicly Complex
Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street

Brooklyn native Doreen St. Felix graduated from Brown less than a year ago. Since then she's blogged for Lena Dunham and worked with Steve McQueen on his forthcoming HBO mini-series. She's been profiled in Vice, written fiction for Recess, and just recently she wrote an excellent piece for Pitchfork about Rihanna's relationship with money. St. Felix joins poets Danielle Vogel and Maryan Parhizkar for a night of readings.

Sunday - 2:00PM

Golden Glamour
RISD Museum, 20 North Main St

There's a small but enchanting clothing exhibit at the RISD Museum right now, with jazz age robes and dresses owned by the impossibly fancy Newport native Edith Stuyvesant Vanderbilt Gerry. Woven with metallic threads, the shimmering items ensured that the philanthropist would stand out in any crowd (Being nearly six foot tall and one of the richest women in America wasn't enough, apparently.) The coats and an amazing pair of Schiaparelli gloves sparkle even under the low lighting of the museum's recently renovated textiles gallery. Museum admission is free every Sunday.
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