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26 January 2018

"Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good."
Romans 12:9

CUFI calls upon church denominations to adopt definition of antisemitism

CUFI-UK has called upon Archbishop Justin Welby for the Church of England to officially adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism. Other denominations and affiliations in the UK have also been approached, including the Baptist Union, Methodist Church and Evangelical Alliance and comes ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on Saturday.

"Adopting this definition will provide the Church with the framework to identify and prevent antisemitism. We also believe that it will send a positive and reassuring message to the Jewish community that the Church in the United Kingdom is willing to take a leading role in countering antisemitism.”

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Holocaust Memorial Day - 27 January
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MPs debate banning Hezbollah 

After MPs received thousands of letters and over 16,000 people signed a CUFI petition, Parliament debated a motion Thursday to ban Hezbollah in the UK outright.

Both Labour and Conservative backbenchers were overwhelmingly supportive of the whole group to be proscribed, however support was disappointingly lacking on the front benches of both sides of the House.

Despite the fact that Labour MPs were asked by their leadership earlier in the day not to support, several from the Labour benches also defiantly spoke out, including Joan Ryan who secured the debate and gave a powerful introductory speech.

Thank you to everyone that has supported our campaign so far.

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MUST WATCH: Joan Ryan gives powerful speech in Parliament calling to ban Hezbollah
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Labour leadership tells its MPs to reject ban of Hezbollah Read
What you've been saying about the Hezbollah debate
I respect Joan Ryan for her excellent presentation and agree with her and the interventions made by fellow MPs . It is sad that the House was almost empty. May she achieve the result we all want - SHEILA
Fantastic clear beyond doubt case Hezbollah should be banned listed in it’s entirety as a terrorist organisation Wake Up Now before its to late - DOROTHY
Well done Joan ryan,and that's from a conservative voter - JOHN
Was an amazing ,passionate and informative speech .Well delivered - HAZEL
A Labour MP with real courage and conviction. What a powerful and compelling argument Joan Ryan makes! It's so refreshing also to hear this exchange between MPs on the classification of Hezbollah, whose whole raison d'etre is the destruction of the state of Israel and the elimination of all Jews from the Holy Land. - CHRIS

Hezbollah: Why the UK Government is weak, compromised, misguided and wrong - Opinion
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WATCH: US to open Jerusalem embassy by end of next year

In a moving speech by Vice President Pence at Israel's Knesset, he announced that the US will open its Jerusalem embassy before the end of next year.

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LIKE and SHARE: "The Jewish state of Israel bears witness to God's faithfulness" 
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Vice President Pence felt “inspired” praying at Western Wall

Watch: Arab MKs ejected from Knesset as they break rules protesting Pence
"Britain needs to wake up to the threat from Hezbollah" - Lord Dannatt (British Army's former Chief of General Staff) Click here to read (Spectator)

EU looks to have "central role" in Israel-Palestinian negotiations

The European Union is set to “speed up efforts” for a two-state solution amid indications that the EU is set to play a “central role” in mediating between Israel and the Palestinians.

The news comes as Palestinian leader Abbas visited Brussels this week where he called upon the EU member states “to swiftly recognise the state of Palestine” adding that “there is no contradiction between recognition and a resumption of negotiations”.

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Abbas buys £35 million private jet; more than half the UK annual aid budget to Palestinians

The Palestinians Authority has purchased a new luxurious $50 million (£35 million) private jet for its leader Mahmoud Abbas.

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Jeremy Corbyn gives Holocaust message without mentioning “Jews”
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israel is "perfect" trade partner after Brexit says Lord Mayor of London

Hezbollah agents "run drugs on London streets"
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Netanyahu praises Trump's decision to move embassy during meeting in Switzerland
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Ambassador Haley says Abbas is not ready to make peace
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US urges Lebanon to cut off Hezbollah from financial system

Trump: No more aid unless Palestinians talk peace; Jerusalem is 'off the table'
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The powerful message behind 'Over the Rainbow'

Read the powerful message behind "Over the Rainbow", the iconic song from the Wizard of Oz that was written by Jewish lyricist, Yip Harburg, in the 1930's.

It is almost prophetic of the horrors to come for the Jewish people and the hope of the rebirth of Israel.

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WATCH: Premier League footballers from Israel talk peace and coexistence
Watch (3 mins)

Arab attendance at Israeli universities up 79% during past seven years
Read (The Tower)

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