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22 June 2018

"For the Lord loves justice,
And does not forsake His saints"
Psalm 37:28a

Hamas paid family to claim Gaza baby was killed by Israeli tear gas, says family member

A 20-year-old Palestinian indicted Thursday on terror-related charges told Israeli investigators during his interrogation that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar paid his relatives to falsely tell the media that his baby cousin died of tear gas inhalation.

The story of baby Layla Ghandour’s death, purportedly from inhaling tear gas fired by Israel at the Gaza border, made headlines around the world last month and intensified global criticism of Israel’s handling of Hamas-spurred violence at the security fence.

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What you've been saying about new revelations about the Gaza baby.
(Selected comments may be from multiple posts on the same subject.)
Come on bbc let’s see you publish this ? - S.a.
Now let’s see who from the media withdraw their previous anti Israel statements (disproportionate)don’t hold waiting - MONICA
That should be broadcast all over media! - TREVOR
Unfortunately the world loves lies more than the truth. Sad. - KARANJA

As US pulls out of UNHRC, Britain must now step up its defence of Israel at human rights council

After the US took the courageous decision of withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday, the United Kingdom must now step up to the plate in countering the anti-Israel bias at the council.

Britain has for too long defaulted to abstention at the UNHRC, and has even voted against Israel on occasions. But more recently, the UK has taken a bolder, albeit not perfect, stand against the condemnation of Israel signalling that the UK could be about to turn a page. With the US now absent at the UNHRC, Britain’s voice in support of Israel is as important as ever.

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US pulls out of UN Human Rights Council

The United States is leaving the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, which Ambassador Nikki Haley called “an organization that is not worthy of its name” and a “cesspool” of anti-Israel bias.

PM Netanyahu responded, “For years, the UNHRC has proven to be a biased, hostile, anti-Israel organisation that has betrayed its mission of protecting human rights,” Netanyahu charged. “Instead of dealing with regimes that systematically violate human rights, the UNHRC obsessively focuses on Israel, the one genuine democracy in the Middle East.”

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Boris Johnson gives UNHRC six months to reform

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has criticised the United Nations Human Rights Council’s bias against Israel, calling it “disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace”. He also vowed the UK would vote against all anti-Israel resolutions unless things changed.

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Israeli teen thankful for prayers after she was stabbed by Palestinian terrorist

An Israeli teen who was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist last week said it was a miracle she is still alive and thanked those who prayed for her.

“I feel this stabbing incident was not something private for me, but rather of all the people of Israel. It’s a reminder that we must move forward and grow from it,” 18-year-old high school student Shuva Malka said from her hospital bed in Haemek Medical Center in Israel’s north.

Shuva praised the hospital staff for the care she received and thanked the Israeli public for “the prayers that greatly strengthened us and made a difference up above.”

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Labour parliamentary candidate for Swindon linked with anti-Semitic Tweets 

Kate Linnegar, the elected Parliamentary candidate for Swindon North has become the latest Labour member to be caught up in the anti-Semitism scandal of the party.

Earlier this week, Kate Linnegar was linked with an anti-Semitic Twitter account, after which she publicly distanced herself. But CUFI can reveal further evidence that Linnegar likely oversaw the Swindon People's Assembly account and defended anti-Semites herself on multiple occasions.

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"William will see the real Israel we know and love" - Lord Eric Pickles

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More than 45 rockets fired into Israel overnight; one targets kindergarten

Over 45 rockets and mortar shells were launched from Gaza towards Israel Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, including one that struck just outside an Israeli kindergarten.

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IDF deploying high-tech kite tracker to prevent Palestinian terror fires
Palestinians fire three rockets into Israel Monday as Israel targest Hamas terror sites

UK-based Israel-boycott groups among those linked with Palestinian terrorist organisations

An Israeli minister has revealed the deep connection between the anti-Israel boycott movement, including BDS groups in the UK, and terrorist organisations like Hamas and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

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South Africa’s Jews protest soaring anti-Semitic incidents

South Africa’s Jewish community is speaking out after a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse in recent days, both online and towards individuals.

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WATCH: Man rants to Israeli passengers "Jews are wicked" at Johannesburg Airport Read and watch

London: Woman chases children with knife shouting "I want to kill all you Jews"

A woman has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police for chasing Jewish children with a knife and threatening to kill them in London.

The incident took place on Gladesmore Road in Stamford Hill, an area of London with a high population of Jews, on Sunday evening.

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Turkey’s Erdogan warns of “coming war between the cross and the crescent”

Turkey’s President Erdogan has warned of a “coming war between the cross and the crescent,” hitting back at the Austrian Chancellor’s recent efforts to tackle Islamic extremism.

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“Israel, the Iranian people love you” says Iranian football fan in Moscow

An Iranian football fan, who is not permitted to attend football matches in Iran because she is a woman, has told an Israeli journalist at the World Cup that “you are not our enemy, Iranians and Israelis are friends”.

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BBC presenter misquotes "list of bad people" to include "Israelis"
Watch: Gaza based terrorists give CNN guided tour of terror tunnel, demonstrate military training
Muslim Waqf gets rid of priceless Temple era remains during Ramadan closure
Far-left British newspaper pull op-ed blaming Jews for anti-Semitism

Chelsea FC owner pays for special needs Israeli children to attend World Cup

A group of 35 Israeli children with special needs or illnesses have been given the trip of a lifetime to attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
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MUST WATCH: Iranian message of love to Israel

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Rare blue whale spotted off coast of Israel, thousands of miles away from normal habitat

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We just love this photo taken in Moscow at the World Cup this week showing Iranian and Israeli football fans coming together to celebrate the beautiful game.

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