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6 April 2018

"I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people
Who have set themselves against me all around."
Psalm 3:6

Thousands of Palestinians light HUGE fires in Hamas-led riots at Israel's border

For the second Friday in a row, tens-of-thousands of Palestinians gathered along the Gaza border to take part in violent riots against Israel as part of the Hamas-led "March of Return" protests.

The rioters set thousands of tyres alight, creating thick clouds of smoke that billowed into the air. Some of the protesters tried to attacked IDF troops, throwing firebombs and rocks at the Israeli soldiers.

Tonight, Israel has confirmed that the IDF successfully thwarted multiple attempts by terrorists to breach the border fence.

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"'Smoke and mirrors' are being used by Hamas, and not just literally but also in their blatant lies and deception" Click here

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What you've been saying about the Hamas-led riots:
In the news flashes I saw, the breeze was blowing the smoke towards the hamas supporters. - GEORGE
Lord bless Israel n open the eyes of these poor deluded people Continue Lord to keep Your people Israel safe we pray. - KEVIN
Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered! - JONAH
Praying for God's protection over His chosen people... Amen - GARY
Go IDF. We love you - LINDA
Church please be in prayer for Israel at this time , Lord give your Angels charge over Israel borders keep all the IDF & the people of Israel safe at this time - EILEEN

MORE Palestinian riot "victims" are identified as terrorists - now 16 out of 19

These so-called "protesters" were not peaceful civilians. New information (from Palestinian sources) reveals that 16 - even more than originally reported - are affiliated with terrorist groups.

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See also:
Hamas pays families of 'martyrs' and the wounded in border clashes Read

Britain joins US in REFUSING to condemn Israel at the United Nations

In what is being viewed as a major step by the United Kingdom against anti-Israel bias at the UN, Britain has sided with the United States in refusing to condemn Israel at the UN.

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Labour condemns Israel and IGNORES Hamas violence at Gaza border

Israeli Ambassador calls on UN to help end Hamas border riots
Netanyahu blasts Erdogan's hypocrisy after Turkey's condemnation of Israel Read

Email Boris Johnson and your MP to condemn terror at Israel's border, STAND with Israel 
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Happening at schools in Gaza this week
Watch (43 sec)

Rioters chant "kill the Jews" at Gaza border
Watch (1 min)

Hamas sheikh calls for children to join Jihad and "exterminate the Jews"
Watch (1 min)

Palestinian protesters filmed pretending to be shot
Watch (30 sec)

"The IDF is doing today what we do every day..."
Watch (2 mins)

This is NOT a protest - Share the truth!
Watch (35 sec)

Palestinians use photo of American actress for FAKE doctor story

The Palestinian Information Center, which has half a million followers on Facebook, has posted a photo of actress Katherine Heigl—who played Dr. Izzie Stevens in “Grey’s Anatomy”—identifying her as a “French doctor” who has travelled to Gaza “to offer medical help.”

You couldn't make this up...except this group just did.

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Israel foils planned Islamist terror attack on navy ship

Israeli security forces recently thwarted an Islamic Jihad plot to attack an Israeli Navy vessel and abduct sailors

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Russia: Jewish man beaten to death in anti-Semitic attack as wife was in labour

A Jewish man has died in hospital five days after being severely beaten, reportedly by a Muslim man, in the Russian port city of St. Petersburg. His wife was in labour, due to give birth to their first child at the time.

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UK taxpayers gave £20 million to Palestinian schools teaching Jihad

A government minister has admitted that more than £20 million of British aid money is being spent on Palestinian schools that teach children about Jihad and martyrdom.

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UNESCO to vote on "most extreme" Jerusalem resolution ever proposed

UNESCO is expected next week to pass an Arab-nation backed resolution on Jerusalem, titled “Occupied Palestine”, that an Israeli official has denounced as “the most extreme and problematic text” ever proposed.

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Latest TORCH magazine out now 
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Corbyn deletes his personal Facebook account after being associated with antisemitic groups

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has deleted his personal Facebook account after it emerged he was a member of five groups that promoted anti-Semitism.

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Corbyn criticised for attending Passover seder of group that prayed for Israel’s destruction

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WATCH: Palestinian children threaten Jews with toy knives and guns on Temple Mount

23 Palestinians killed... in SYRIA - where is the outcry?

Israeli athletes banned from Taekwondo championship in Tunisia

Iran's supreme leader calls on all Muslims to make Israel "retreat to the point of demise"

WATCH: Thousands attend priestly blessing in Jerusalem


Jewish pupil “force-fed” ham topped pizza at Bristol school

The music of Holocaust victims returns to the Dutch concentration camp where they suffered  Read 

Jerusalem’s incredible new light show projects King David’s story onto Old City walls

King David established Jerusalem as capital of Israel more than 3,000 years ago. This week, the City of David paid tribute in the most incredible light an sound show at the Tower of David, opened on 1st April.

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WATCH: What is Hamas?
Watch in brief

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Israel compete for first time in Abu Dhabi desert challenge

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