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17 August 2018

"The Lord is their strength,
And He is the saving refuge of His anointed"
Psalm 28:8

Corbyn faces possible investigation over “undeclared” trip funded by Tunisian government

Andrew Bridgen MP has made a formal complaint about Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to declare the funding of his controversial visit to Tunisia in 2014.

In a letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner Standards, he wrote: “I am writing to request you to investigate a serious breach of the House of Commons Code of Conduct.”

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Corbyn pictured with senior member of group responsible for murder of British Rabbi Click here
Corbyn pictured making Muslim Brotherhood hand sign  Click here

Israeli strikes on Tunisian PLO base was NOT an “unprovoked attack” as Corbyn claims. Here’s the TRUTH

It was a retaliatory strike or counter-strike, not an “unprovoked attack” as Corbyn claims!

On 1st October 1985, Israel took definitive action against the headquarters of Force 17 (PLO terrorist arm) in response to a sickening murder of Israelis a few days before and as a warning against carrying out further attacks.

Corbyn may have given this event as an excuse for attending the "Palestinian martyrs" cemetery in Tunis, but we explain what really happened on that day.

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Netanyahu and Corbyn go head-to-head in row over visit to terrorist graves

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WATCH: Widow of Munich massacre victim says Corbyn MUST apologise

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Shocking 2014 article by “Stop the War”, chaired by Corbyn, attempted to excuse Munich massacre Click here
Corbyn says he will NOT apologise as he ADMITS taking part in wreath laying ceremony  Click here
Original article:
Calls for Corbyn to quit after pictures emerge of wreath-laying at “Palestinian martyrs” cemetery Read 

PLEASE SIGN: A declaration in solidarity with the UK Jewish community

CUFI's declaration is an opportunity for Christians to commit to lead by example, calls for tougher action against anti-Semitism and addresses the current crisis within the Labour Party.

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What you've been saying about the latest in the Labour anti-Semitism controversy: 
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Why can’t he just be honest and say that he think Israel is the aggressor and that Palestine is the victim? Then we’d all know where he stands and I would never be so foolish as to vote for this man ever again... Shame on me. - CLAIRE
It just shows how much he will lie to this country and the world he must be made to resign and leave politics altogether he just can not except any form of democracy from any country that’s not within his own agendas and actions he must go he can never be trusted - KEITH
Ian Paisley Jr is facing a recall petition for undeclared family holidays paid for by the Sri Lankan govt. I hope the rules are applied equally to a Jezza - STEPHEN
He keeps on lying....he said he was there but wasn't involved with wreath laying now he says he did....can't believe a word he says, so very sad!!! - ANGELA

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Mixed reaction to possible “ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas

According to the Lebanese report, Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, would stop hostilities for a year while Israel would organise a sea route from Cyprus to Gaza under Israeli security control.

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Thousands of Gazans riot at border on Friday, encouraged by Hamas, despite reports of imminent truce Click here

Police thwart terror attack in Jerusalem Old City

Jerusalem police were successful in thwarting a stabbing attack in the Old City last week, it has been revealed today.

A body search revealed he was holding a knife and a can of tear gas in order to carry out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem against civilians and security forces.

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Turkish official blames “Jewish Zionist bankers” for country’s currency crisis

Turkey is experiencing a currency crisis with the Lira plummeting in the past few days....guess who this Turkish official is blaming....

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MUST WATCH: Guest on Arabic TV defends Israel's right to exist

"Israel, whether you like it or not, is an independent, Sovereign state"

In this Arabic TV debate, watch this brave guest pursuade Muslim viewers of Israel's right to exist.

"There is a nation that returned to its Promised Land"

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Germany: Anti-Semitic incidents increase by 10 PERCENT over first half of 2018

New figures released in Germany indicate a 10 percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the country over the course of the first half of 2018 when compared with the same period in 2017.

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Malaysian prime minister defends his right to be anti-Semitic

Anti-Semitism is an artificial construct created to silence critics of the Jews, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said.

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Colonel Kemp: “Questioning Israel’s right to exist is pure antisemitism”

Colonel Richard Kemp has described those that deny Israel’s right to exist as “Nazis of the 21st Century”. In a short clip introducing the documentary, “Whose Land?”, which he presents, the former head of the British forces in Afghanistan also challenged why the right of other nations are not called into question, except for Israel, describing such prejudice as “antisemitism pure and simple”.

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Discovering the land of Jordan’s incredible Biblical heritage

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(27 mins)

Israel performs first knee replacement using CORAL-BASED implant that regrows cartilage

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Jerusalem's mayor, Nir Barkat celebrated the continued growth in bilateral relations with Latin American countries as he concluded an official visit to the region on behalf of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where he attended the inauguration of the new President. (Paraguay became the third country in May to move its embassy to Jerusalem).

"I brought the blessings of the people of Israel to the President of Paraguay as he was sworn in at the Presidential Palace, and I thanked him for the deep friendship between our two countries," 

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