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2 February 2018

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them."
Ephesians 5:11

Jewish boy, 8, attacked in Paris in SECOND antisemitic assault on child in January

French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned an antisemitic attack on an 8-year-old Jewish Jewish boy in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles – the second assault on Jewish children in the area in three weeks.

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France has Europe's largest Jewish community and Jews have been targeted in several attacks in Paris in recent months:

  • A 15-year-old Jewish girl was attacked by a man in Sarcelles as she returned from school in January.
  • A suspected arson attack destroyed a kosher grocery store in Créteil also in January. The store had already been defaced with swastikas.
  • A Jewish family was taken hostage, beaten and robbed by a gang in Livry-Gargan in September 2017. One of the attackers told the victims "you're Jews, so where's the money?"
  • Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old Orthodox Jew, was killed in her apartment by a Muslim neighbour last April, in the 11th arrondissement (district).
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UK: Antisemitism reached record high in 2017;  assaults rise 34%

The Community Security Trust (CST) have released their annual “Antisemitic Incidents Report” for 2017 and the findings show a continued increase in hate crime against Jews in Britain.

The data shows that in total there were 1,382 incidents of antisemitism in 2017. This was the highest tally the organisation has registered for a calendar year since it began gathering the data in 1984.

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Ireland delays Israel-boycott bill which has prison sentence for violators

The Irish parliament on Tuesday postponed voting on a bill that would boycott goods produced by Israeli companies based in Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights with violators receiving up to five years in prison.

The bill is likely to be revisited in the summer.

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What you've been saying about Ireland's proposed bill to boycott certain Israeli goods.
I'm Irish and this is wrong to boycott Israel they are God's chosen people. We need to support - ANNETTE
Are they going to stop hospitals and gps and other medical practitioners prescribing anti biotics and other vital medicines. The vast majority of which are produced or were developed by Israeli companies or Jewish scientists. Political agenda before health and wellbeing of the population. - ANDREW
Would that mean, under a boycott, they would not be buying mobile phones and other technology equipment designed in Israel??? - FREDDIE
The thing is the Palestinian people will lose their jobs not Israelis, its make no sense - YORAM

WATCH: Gaza, like you've never seen it before

We're told that Gaza is an "open-air prison". However this Al-Jazeera programme about consumerism in Gaza includes footage of shopping malls, restaurants, and tourist resorts showing that business is thriving, despite its problems. 

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BBC "slaps Israel in the face" in biased Tamimi report by Jeremy Bowen

The BBC has “slapped Israel in the face” following a cringe-worthy, shockingly biased report by its veteran Mideast editor, Jeremy Bowen.

The report was about Ahed Tamimi, the 17 year-old who assaulted an IDF soldier, and who is awaiting trial.

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Jewish and Christian leaders honour Guatemala president for Jerusalem recognition

This week a delegation of American Jews visited Guatemala and were joined by Evangelical Christians to honour President Jimmy Morales for his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and for making plans to move his country’s embassy to the Israeli capital.

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Gal Gadot attacked by anti-Israel activists for remembering Holocaust

Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, has been attacked on social media after she tweeted her support for Holocaust Memorial Day on Saturday.

The actress, best known for her role as Wonder Woman, tweeted: “Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day to honour the victims of the Holocaust, May we never forget. #WeRemember.”

Unfortunately, the first responses, and some of the most prominent comments, to Gadot’s tweet were anti-Israel.

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UN publishes partial ‘blacklist’ of companies that do business with Israel

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Wednesday published an interim report on companies engaging in business with Israeli companies based in Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights, but stopped short of actually naming the companies.

The publishing of the 'blacklist' came hours before the UN was set to mark International Holocaust Memorial Day.

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Ken Livingstone marks Holocaust Memorial Day by talking “Holocaust exploitation” on Iranian TV

Chelsea's Roman Abramovich dedicates match to victims of the Holocaust

Trump’s State of the Union addresses ISIS, Iran and anti-Israel bias at UN

US puts Hamas leader on terror blacklist

Is John Kerry a threat to Israel and Trump?


Ukraine: New report shows rise in antisemitism

'Leaked EU report' warns that Israel is promoting 'Jewish narrative of Jerusalem'

Explained: Debate over Polish parliament bill to criminalise 'Polish death camps' phrase

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The Church’s “tremendous responsibility” to counter antisemitism

“We at this moment have upon us a tremendous responsibility. We stand at the bar of history, of humanity and of God.'”

Archbishop William Temple in 1943 spoke out passionately in the House of Lords in support of the Jewish people. We look at how the church today has a responsibility to counter antisemitism and how CUFI is taking action.

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Israeli archaeologists reveal “extraordinarily beautiful” new site from First Temple-era

Israel among top ten of most innovative nations

Tu B'Shevat - the New Year for Trees and its Biblical teaching for Christians

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