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6 October 2017

"(For the Lord your God is a merciful God), He will not forsake you nor destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers which He swore to them."
Deuteronomy 4:31

CUFI challenges Amber Rudd on Hezbollah silence

CUFI has challenged Amber Rudd in response to reports this week of the Home Secretary ignoring calls to ban Hezbollah in its entirety. It comes as a CUFI-UK petition approached 13,000 signatures.

CUFI points out in a letter to the Home Secretary that the Government’s present approach is focused too much on the use of the flag and not on the terrorist organisation behind the flag.

Britain has only banned its “military” arm but not its “political” wing, despite Hezbollah themselves not differentiating between the two, meaning there is a legal loophole allowing open support for a terrorist organisation on the streets of Britain.

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This week at the Conservative Conference

Theresa May slams Corbyn for allowing “anti-Semitism, misogyny and hatred” to “run free”

Prime Minister Theresa May used a part of her speech at the annual Conservative Party conference to slam Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for allowing “anti-Semitism, misogyny and hatred run free” in his party.

Theresa May’s speech was interrupted by a “prankster” who presented her with a P45. She used the interruption to launch an attack on opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying, “I was about to talk about somebody that I would like to give a P45 to, and that’s Jeremy Corbyn.”

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Michael Gove: "Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism"

Michael Gove gave a speech in support of Israel at the Conservative Conference in which he said, "At a time when people say that ‘I’m not an anti-Semite, I’m just anti-Zionist,’ it is important that we should say no, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.”

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What you've been saying about Theresa May's comments on anti-Semitism:
Go for it Mrs May the truth always prevails To say you had trouble with your throat and cough you did amazingly well!! - DENISE
And yet, Hezbollah are allowed to parade through the streets of London? - CHRISTOPHER
She's right about Corbyn - MAITA
She is right. However Patriotism and Pride has a very important place in British society. Proud to be British. Proud of my country. Proud to support Israel. - ALAN
Please note that CUFI-UK is a non-party political organisation, however we remain committed to confronting anti-Israel attitudes, combating anti-Semitism in all its forms and praising support for Israel.
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Israel stands with US in mourning over Las Vegas attack

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday issued his condolences to the American people following the massacre of 58 and the wounding of hundreds at a country music concert in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile the Tel Aviv municipality building lit up Monday night with the US flag in solidarity with the American people. Click here to read

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Trump gives hope from the Bible after Las Vegas attack Read

Labour launches investigation into anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who ran stall at Labour Conference

A Labour member [pictured here in 2016] who shared anti-Semitic conspiracy theories blaming Israel for 9/11, ISIS and the Charlie Hebdo attack was allowed to host a exhibition stall for Palestine Solidarity Campaign inside the Party’s conference last month.

Labour has now reportedly launched an investigation.

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Trump: "We must put an end to Iran’s continued aggression and nuclear ambitions"

President Donald Trump suggested Thursday that his administration was prepared to take dramatic action against the Iranian regime, speaking out during a meeting with military leaders and their families in the White House in which he suggested the gathering was "the calm before the storm".

The comments come as the US President faces an 18 October deadline to tell Congress if he believes Iran is complying with the seven-nation pact and if it advances US interests.

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Reports from Washington suggest Trump will give announcement on Iran Nuclear policy on Wednesday  Read
Please join us in calling for the UK Government to put pressure on the UN to stop bias against Israel. 

Email Boris Johnson with a copy to your MP using our automated form.CLICK HERE

Canada: Trudeau opens Holocaust memorial that doesn’t mention Jews

A plaque Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used to inaugurate the National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa last week has been removed because it failed to mention the Jewish people.

The memorial was Canada's first to commemorate the Holocaust, but its plaque will now be replaced after being raised in Parliament by outraged politicians.

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Edmonton attack “not terrorism” despite ISIS flag and radical Islamic views

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, a 30-year-old Somalian immigrant, ran over five people using two separate vehicles, he stabbed a police officer multiple times in the head, he had an Islamic State flag in his car, he had been investigated in 2015 for “espousing extremist views” and to top it off, even Prime Minister Trudeau called it a "terrorist attack".

This attack was exactly the same type of attack that has rocked Europe and Israel. However, Canadian authorities have refused to charge him with terrorism offenses.

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France: 10-year-old Jewish girl repeatedly beaten by Muslim classmates while school does nothing

A 10-year-old Jewish girl required hospital treatment after she was subjected to regular beatings and anti-Semitic abuse by her Muslim classmates at a public school in Paris. Despite being aware of the situation, the school has done nothing.

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Holocaust-denying former Belgian MP ordered to visit Auschwitz yearly instead of jail Read

FIFA fines Germany £25,000 for Nazi chants at World Cup Qualifier Read

Belgian-funded Palestinian school renamed after female terrorist who killed Israeli children Read

Hamas destroys “ancient treasure”, the archaeological site of Gaza’s oldest city Read


Jewish businesses in New York receive anti-Semitic letters Read


MUST WATCH: Why did God choose Israel?

In a special Facebook Live message for CUFI, Pastor Jay Bailey of Solid Rock Church, Georgia, opens the Bible and discusses, what is it about Israel that attracted the attention and affection of Almighty God? If nothing about God is random, why did he choose Israel to be His covenant people?
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WATCH: Hundreds of praying Muslims in Paris block traffic whilst chanting death to unbelievers

Japan consults with Israel on security ahead of 2020 Olympics

Volunteer with CUFI in October

We have two very worthwhile opportunities to serve with CUFI in October. One is being part of the CUFI team generating support for Israel at one of Britain's largest Christian events; the other is helping the Jewish community counter an anti-Israel theatre show in London. Click here for more information
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