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29 June 2018

"Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called sons of God."
Matthew 5:9

Prince William has completed the first official visit by a member of the British Royal Family in what was an historic week for Israel and the UK. See below for our full coverage.

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Prince William prays at the Western Wall in truly historic moment

The second-in-line to the throne followed the centuries-old tradition of placing a written prayer in a crack in the wall and held his right hand against the ancient stones. The powerful moment saw the Duke of Edinburgh shut his eyes and spend around a minute in silence.

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Prince William writes moving message as he honours Holocaust victims at Yad Vashem
Duke of Cambridge praises Israel during heartfelt speech in Tel Aviv
Prince William meets descendants of family saved by his great-grandmother during Holocaust
Holocaust survivors thank Britain: "When I put my foot on English was like I had been reborn"

The important Bible verse inscribed on Prince Willia's kippah: "For out of Zion..."

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Prince William's convoy reportedly targeted by Palestinian children throwing stones Click here

It’s time to scrap the UK’s “occupied” Palestinian territories diplomatic fallacy

"The Prince succeeded in rising above the biased and outdated diplomacy of the British Foreign Office that almost overshadowed the trip before it began. Whilst not contradicting existing British policy, William demonstrated that he could reach out to both Israelis and Palestinians without giving in to politically-biased, Palestinian-led demands.

"After 70 years of the Foreign Office blocking Royal Family visits to Israel, Prince William has ushered in a new era in Britain’s relationship with Israel. It is time for the British Foreign Office to end its diplomatic fallacy."

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What you've been saying about the Royal visit to Israel
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Awesome proud of the Royal Family. Best decision the UK has made. Well done Prince William your household will be blessed even more. Shalom💖💖💖
Woow God's eyes will never leave you Prince William, you have just prayed for the peace of Jerusalem. - VIOLET
I was so pleased he was going they should have done this years ago but never to late ⭐️ - SHIRLEY
William is so caring just like Harry, their mum certainly left them a legacy of helping keep everyone safe. Prince William we are so proud of your trip to Israel. Hope it will bring peace to the country. - MARY
If he is not left with some kind of spiritual anointing from this visit then i'll be very surprised. You can't judge Jerusalem as you would any other City....once seen never forgotten. - PAUL
May he have seen for himself the truth of what is happening and not the lies we are told here. God bless Prince William. - SUE
Love this young man. Making his country proud - TILLY
Wonderful King in the making. God bless Prince William ❤️ - CAROL

UK to give £38.5 million immediately in UNRWA aid for Gaza

The UK government has announced it will send £38.5 million in Palestinian aid through UNRWA imminently, citing recent violence at the Gaza border as reason for the urgency.

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Corbyn's two-state delusion appears to call for the destruction of Israel

This week Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was in Jordan visiting refugee camps. There he met with Palestinian refugees and posted a video online where he called for both a “viable two state settlement” as well as making “the Palestinian right to return a reality”.

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Corbyn calls US Embassy move "huge mistake", says UK will "immediately recognise Palestine" under Labour Click here

Iran: Millions protest against Khamanei, blame economic hardships on regime's support for terror

Millions of Iranians protested against the Iranian regime for economic struggles the country faces as American sanctions loom.

Among the chants are complaints that the regime has been spending money on Iran's involvement with Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and "Palestine" rather than on its own economy.

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MUST WATCH: Netanyahu wishes for Israel and Iran to play football in a free Tehran

"I used to play soccer". Watch PM Netanyahu show his hidden football skills, but with a very important message for the people of Iran.

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Hamas launches at least 13 rockets at Israel

At least three rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Thankfully there were no reports of casualties or damage in Israel.

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British-born IDF soldier to be one of Israel’s first ever female tank commanders

A young Jewish woman born and raised in Britain is to become one of Israel’s first ever female tank commanders.

In a historic move, four women officially finished tank commanders course and became the IDF’s first female tank commanders after a 16-month gruelling pilot programme.

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IDF sends aid overnight to Syrians fleeing Daraa

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Hamas' arson terrorism

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A truly historic moment. Prince William visited the Western Wall on Thursday - the first ever member of the British Royal family to do so.

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