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6 July 2018

 "For the Lord your God will bless you just as He promised you; 
you shall lend to many nations."
Deuteronomy 15:6

Israeli tech is helping divers in Thailand cave rescue efforts

The developing story of the boys football team trapped in the cave in Thailand has captured the world's attention and drawn help from countries far and wide.

Not only was it British divers who discovered the boys, but an Israeli tech company has provided some amazing tech that has made communication underground possible.

Thai authorities were willing to pay "any amount" for the Israeli tech as they struggled with their operation, but the Israeli company have given the devices for free as well as sending their experts to assist. They even quoted the Bible as their reason for doing good without a reward!

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What you've been saying about the Thai cave rescue:
(Selected comments may be from multiple posts on the same subject.)
The generous state of Israel is a light to the dark places that surround it - DOROTHY
I knew Israel would assist and use their amazing technology - SUZANNE
Waiting to see if this makes any of the national media... - GRAHAM
In there straight away. God bless Israel. - ALAN
Lord, please protect these boys and the rescuers and may they be brought to safety - AL

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Labour’s shameful new definition of anti-Semitism is kick in the teeth to Jewish community

Labour has adopted its own definition of anti-Semitism that allows Labour members to equate Israel’s actions to Nazism, call Israel’s creation “a racist endeavour” and accuse Jews of being more loyal to Israel than Britain. And, according to Labour, their definition of anti-Semitism is superior to the one that was proposed by the Jewish community.

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OPINION: Under Labour's new anti-Semitism definition, Ken Livingstone's outrageous Hitler comments were NOT anti-Semitic Read

Ireland expected to pass "immoral" law boycotting Jewish businesses in "Occupied Territories"

The Israeli embassy in the Republic of Ireland has slammed plans for an expected boycott of Israeli goods warning that it will empower terrorists. The bill, which is counter to EU law, is now expected to pass after Ireland’s second-largest party announced on Wednesday that it will support it, therefore guaranteeing its passage.

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Australia has "terminated" its annual funding to Palestinian Authority over terrorist salaries

The Australian government has ended direct payments to the Palestinian Authority over its continued policy of paying terrorists and the family’s of “martyrs”.

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Iranian general blames Israel for “CLOUD THEFT” causing country’s drought

An Iranian general on Monday accused the Jewish state of manipulating the weather as part of a plot to deprive Iran of much-needed rain, referring to the tactic as "cloud theft".

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Austrian leader tells Iran’s Rouhani: Calling for Israel’s destruction is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz had strong words for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani when they met for a press conference in Vienna on Wednesday.

Kurz said it was “absolutely unacceptable” to question Israel’s right to exist, to call for the destruction of the Jewish state or to deny the Holocaust.

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Israel-UK trade is booming

Under-Secretary of State for International Trade explains the expansion of Israel-UK trade and investment.

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Sweden: Neo-Nazis attack two pro-Israel women at festival Read
Crown Prosecution Service drops charges against Al-Quds Day march leader Read
Palestinians protest US peace plan…even BEFORE plan is released Read
PLO report says calling Jerusalem Israel’s capital is “incitement” Read
Israel sends reinforcements to Syrian border as Assad’s forces clash with rebels Read
IDF opens fire on Palestinian terrorists who breached Gaza border and burn Israeli watchtower Read

MUST WATCH: French Jews share their experiences of anti-Semitism

MUST WATCH: The Jewish population in France is on the decline with many leaving due to anti-Semitism. In this news report from Euronews, French Jews share their personal stories about their worrying experiences.

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WATCH: Israeli Army helps Syrians receive urgent care

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Watch again: The best moments of the Royal Visit to Israel

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