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MPs to debate Balfour Declaration in Parliament - Ask YOUR MP to attend

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Thank you to all those that have signed the on-going #IAmBalfour declaration launched to mark the centenary year of the Balfour Declaration.

Now we have a second opportunity to raise the profile of the Balfour Declaration in a forthcoming Parliamentary debate - and we need YOUR help.

We shouldn't forget that it was the British Government that was the first major power to recognise the Jewish peoples' right to self determination.
On 16 November MPs will debate the Centenary of the Balfour Declaration, which paved the way to establishing the modern State of Israel. We have a very short window of opportunity to encourage MPs to attend this debate and support Israel.

It takes only a few minutes to contact your MP using the pre-filled form in partnership with Israel Britain Alliance. Click on the link below and enter your Postcode to lookup your MP and send the letter. Please act now to make your voice heard before 16 November.


Have you signed the #IAmBalfour declaration?

#IAmBalfour is asking supporters of Israel, like you, to put their name to an online declaration that will be presented to the UK Government and Israeli Embassy in 2017Whether you live in or outside the UK, this is an opportunity to make your own personal declaration of support for Israel and affirm the support Britain gave towards a Jewish homeland one hundred years ago. 
The Balfour Declaration, published on 2 November 1917, was a letter addressed by Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to the Zionist Federation that proclaimed Britain would support the establishment of “a national home for the Jewish people”. This declaration paved the way for Israel to be reborn as a nation.

THANK YOU for your support.

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