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31 August 2018

"For the word of the Lord is right, And all His work is done in truth."
Psalm 33:4

Labour’s response to Lord Rabbi Sacks shows leadership cannot tackle anti-Semitism

This week Rabbi Lord Sacks gave his opinion on Jeremy Corbyn in relation to the anti-Semitism scandal of the Labour party.

Unfortunately, instead of reflecting on Rabbi Lord Sack’s comments, Labour came out on the offensive. The Labour spokesperson called his words “absurd” and “offensive”, showing yet again that the leadership does not understand their own anti-Semitism or how to deal with it.

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Original article:
Rabbi Sacks speaks out over Corbyn's comments that Zionists don't understand British irony  Read
Labour whip Frank Field resigns saying party leadership “a force for anti-Semitism in British politics” Click here
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Jewish caller on LBC breaks down over Corbyn's comments, says she is "absolutely British"

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The BBC’s Biblical foundation that many are unaware of

The BBC has changed over the years, but one thing many in the country may not be aware of is the Christian foundation upon which the corporation was founded.

The BBC’s Broadcasting House in central London was opened in 1932. Above the central archway in the entrance lobby remains a large Latin inscription of the broadcaster’s values statement that is as necessary and relevant as ever.

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Join CUFI's new campaign to stop the BBC's anti-Israel bias

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What you've been saying about CUFI's latest campaign on BBC bias: 
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I've just signed this email to my own MP. If you care about truth & unbiased reporting from the BBC, please consider doing the same. - BARBARA
i used to believe that the BBC was the bastion of broadcasting how wrong was I - FRED
biased broadcasting corporation everyone knows it - JILL
I support Israel forever. Signed and submitted, pray for the peace of Jerusalem 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 - DENISE

French Jewish politician receives death threats and white powder because he supports Israel

A French Jewish Parliament member, Meyer Habib, has been sent a death threat in an envelope that also contained white powder. This is not the first time threats against him have been made after he showed support for Israel.

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Anti-Semitism in France has moved “from streets into homes” – Head of French Jewish Community

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Significant rise in Islamist extremists poses “serious challenge to free and tolerant coexistence” – Intelligence Report

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has reported a significant rise in the number of Islamist extremists living in the country.

The number of Islamists in the country has doubled in the past five years, crossing 10,800 individuals - a new all-time high according to the agency’s annual report, which says intelligence agencies are finding it increasingly hard to monitor and infiltrate groups.

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Third German intelligence agency deems Israeli boycotts “anti-Semitic”

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Join CUFI UK's new prayer network

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Hacker changes “New York” to “Jewtropolis” on online map used by 400 million people

Mapbox, a mapping company that provides its map tools to popular apps like Snapchat and Foursquare was the victim a hacking incident with someone renaming “New York” to “Jewtropolis” this week.

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Anti-Israel rally held in heart of Toronto’s Jewish community

A group of 80 pro-Palestinian activists held a fiercely anti-Israel rally in a Toronto residential area in the heart of the Jewish community to protest B’nai Brith Canada’s “smear campaign against the Canadian Union of Postal Workers(CUPW),” which recently developed a partnership with the Palestinian Postal Service Workers Union.

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Israel busts female Hamas terror cell in Hebron

A Hamas terrorist network operating out of the West Bank city of Hebron was uncovered by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), the agency announced Tuesday.

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Israeli doctors giving online advice to diabetic patients throughout Arab world…in Arabic

Following demand, the Israeli Foreign Ministry launched a borderless online service providing patients in Arab countries access to medical experts in Israel, in Arabic!

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Watch the heart-warming exchange between IDF soldier and Palestinian child in hospital

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Ben Kingsley said his portrayal of Adolf Eichmann was to “nail him to the gates of Auschwitz”

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