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11 May 2018

"Behold, He who keeps Israel
Shall neither slumber nor sleep."
Psalm 121:4

Theresa May condemns Iran over missile strikes; says Israel has "every right" to defend itself

Theresa May says Israel has "every right to defend itself". The statement from Downing Street condemned Iran after Iranian al-Quds forces fired 20 rockets from Syria targeting military positions in northern Israel, prompting the IDF to launch a large-scale attack on Iranian targets in Syria in return. It comes during a remarkable week of events in the Middle East. Click here to read

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Key development in Middle East this week:

  • On Tuesday, President Trump pulled US out of "disastrous" Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • The UK Foreign Secretary, who flew to Washington prior to the announcement, was among European leaders that expressed disagreement with Trump's decision.
  • Israel placed northern Israel on high alert Tuesday evening and opened public bomb shelters following observations of "unusual activity" by Iran in Syria earlier in the day.
  • On Wednesday, PM Netanyahu met with President Putin in Moscow after being honoured guest at Red Square's Victory Parade. Netanyahu highlighted importance of "continued coordination" and reminded Russian president of Israel's right to defend itself against Iranian aggression.
  • At midnight Wednesday, Iran's al-Quds forces fired 20 rockets targeting Israeli military positions in Israel's Golan Heights. It was the first direct Iranian attack on Israel rather than through its proxies. Four missiles were successfully intercepted by Iron Dome; the remainder failed to reach Israel and landed in Syria.
  • Israel responded with largest military operation over Syria since 1973 Yom Kippur War. The IDF made more than 50 raids against Iranian Revolutionary Guard targets using mostly F-15 and F-16 fighter jets and fired 70 air-launched and tactical missiles, causing a significant setback to Iran's operational, military and intelligence infrastructures in Syria.
  • On Thursday, PM May condemned Iran and gave support to Israel's right to defend itself.
Next week:
  • Israel celebrates its 70th Independence Day on Monday.
  • Also that day, the US will open its embassy in Jerusalem.
  • Palestinian protests to mark "Nakba Day", which is Tuesday, are expected to start Monday.
  • On Tuesday, the EU will hold emergency meeting with Britain, France and the UK to discuss Iran nuclear agreement.
  • Hamas has vowed that violence will continue at Gaza border on Friday, the first Friday of Ramadan.
What you've been saying about the PM May defending Israel this week:
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Good Choice Mrs May. Continue to support Israel and GOD will support you. Please remember you should be representing your people and loving people back GOD. - ANNIE
It is also why you cannot negotiate a peace deal with iran as they simply want war with Israel --- Also why Israel has a sovereign right to defend herself against absolute war mongers. May Israel prosper irrespective of her deluded enemies. Shalom Israel. - STEWART
If so, I wonder why she's still upholding the JCPOA/Iran nuclear deal? - AVRAM
About time someone stood up for Israel, Iran starts it then Israel always gets the blame for defending themselves! - CHRISTINE
About time our Government said something positive in favour of Israel! Now let’s see her get together with the new Home Secretary and ban the Al Qds hate March on June 10th! - IRENE
Thank God for our Prime Minister has stood up and said that Israel has every right to defend herself and I am proud of her for so doing. - BRENDA

Netanyahu warns "Iran crossed the red line, we responded accordingly"

WATCH: Ambassador Regev gives brilliant response in hostile BBC interview
Bahrain says Israel has the right to defend itself Click here

Pastor Hagee and IDF spokesman at Syrian border discuss attack by Iran

Live from the Golan hours after Iran’s missile attack on Israel, CUFI’s Erick Stakelbeck discusses the attack with IDF spokesman, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, and CUFI Founder, Pastor John Hagee. Click here to watch

WATCH: President Trump pulls US out of "disastrous" Iran Nuclear Deal

Click here to read more

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Labour's Thornberry says "whole world" should condemn "reckless, senseless and immoral" actions of Trump

Iran's Rouhani calls Trump "bothersome creature" and vows "enrichment without limitations" if no new deal made

Iranian politicians chant "Death to America" and burn US flag

Click here to read more

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CUFI Founder welcomes President Trump's decision to scrap "flawed" Iran deal

This was the right decision, and we believe it will lead to a much stronger, more effective deal in the future as Iran is forced to reckon with the consequences of their lies." 

Click here to read more

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Email your MP to stop Iranian-backed Al Quds march in London 
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Join CUFI UK's new prayer network

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Paraguay announces embassy move to Jerusalem

Paraguay’s President Horacio Cartes will visit Israel by the end of May to inaugurate his country’s new embassy in Jerusalem, it was announced on Monday.

Click here to read

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Jerusalem to name square after Donald Trump

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat announced his intention to formally name the square near the US embassy site the “United States Square in honor of President Donald Trump,” the Jerusalem Press Office released on Tuesday.

Click here to read

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Palestinian protesters set fire to pipeline that provides Gaza with gas and oil

Last week, Palestinian “peaceful protesters” broke into the only humanitarian border crossing between Gaza and Israel, destroyed valuable humanitarian supplies for the people of Gaza and set fire to an oil and gas pipeline that supplies energy to their own people.

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Email Boris Johnson and your MP to condemn terror at Israel's border, STAND with Israel 
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Trump: Five "most wanted" ISIS leaders captured

US President Donald Trump has said that five “most wanted” leaders of ISIS have been captured.

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Anti-Semitic and jihad textbooks used to train imams at Great Mosque of Brussels

Tunisia banned from hosting Youth Olympics after it blocked Israelis competing in Taekwondo tournament

Man apologises after video of him mocking Jewish child goes viral

London: Two Jewish boys physically attacked in anti-Semitic incident

BBC employs ex-Hezbollah journalist...AGAIN

Anti-Israel hackers and boycotters target Israel's entry at Eurovision

Jerusalem sewage tunnel turned into incredible cycle tunnel

Jerusalem has opened a new 2.1km cycle tunnel, originally built for a sewage system!

The path provides a direct connection between the two largest streams in Jerusalem. The tunnel was built for a sewage pipe with a one-lane road next to it for the water company to use to maintain the pipe. But they’ve recently modified it to now have a two way bike path.

Click here to read and watch

Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Share this 2 minute video to share the story

Click here to watch

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was pictured on Monday with a road sign pointing to the new US Embassy. 

The Mayor thanked President Trump for his decision, which is now days away from becoming reality!

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