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5 January 2018

"And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding."
Daniel 2:21

Hezbollah leader confirms alliance with Fatah, Hamas and Iran to "liberate" Jerusalem

Hezbollah’s secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah, has confirmed he recently met with Fatah leaders and other Palestinian factions in order to support the "liberation" of Jerusalem… and he denies it has anything to do with President Trump’s decision. The leader of the Lebanese-based terror group also said that Iran is directly providing financial aid and weapons to Palestinian groups independent of Hezbollah.

Speaking on Mayadeen TV, in an interview that was broadcast on 3rd January, he explained how Hezbollah, Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups are prepared to put aside differences for a new “intifada” and would unite in the event of a large-scale war to “liberate Jerusalem, and not just the Galilee.”

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What is Hezbollah? Visit our In-Focus page. Click here

Danny Danon blasts UN's "hypocrisy" over Iran protests

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, has criticised the UN’s “hypocrisy” in their failure to act over Iran’s human rights abuses, whilst recently passing resolutions against Israel.

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PM Netanyahu: "I wish the Iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom"


Iranian leaders blame Israel for protests; Netanyahu calls accusations "laughable"

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Daniel Schwammenthal: Why are the Europeans so silent on the Iran protests?
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Melanie Philips: "The Iranian uprising"
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What you've been saying about the situation in Iran and Israel's reaction:
As usual Israel stands for what is right. I totally agree with prime minister Netanyahu. Praying for Iran - COLLEEN
Bibi I love you courage and your boldness in speaking out. I pray that in the days to come, you become even more bold, and that you and your family are blessed in 2018 and all the days of your life Numbers 6 v 24-26 - ANGELA
Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world but gets blamed for everything! - KAREN
What a joke, some of the protesters want the supreme leader to go as well as the termination of support for Hezbollah and Hamas. The well-educated people of Iran are not fooled by such ridiculous statements - COLIN
Every time when someone points a finger to Israel, they face some terrible consequences. That is a fact that the true-Living God is with Israel, the Bible is God's written book. - RANJ
Over 24,000 have now called for UK to recognise Jerusalem

Germany: Jewish student threatened with "beheading" by Muslim classmates over Israel support

A Jewish teen in Germany no longer goes outside at break times for fear that he will be attacked by fellow students after a discussion over Israel in class resulted in a tirade of anti-Semitic abuse and threats, including support for Hitler.

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Tunisia: Protesters smash Holocaust exhibition at National Library

Anti-Semitic protesters tore down posters at the opening of a Holocaust exhibition at the National Library in Tunis, chanting slogans such as “Free Palestine, out with the Zionists.”

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Iran: Second synagogue vandalised after Iran recognises Jerusalem as “capital of Palestine”

A second synagogue in southern Iran was vandalised on 27 December, with attackers damaging Torah scrolls, prayer books, and ritual objects by a suspected group of vandals in the city of Shiraz.

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Give her an Oscar: Ahed Tamimi has a track record in provoking Israeli soldiers

Arsen Ostrovsky writes that Ahed Tamimi, the "notorious Palestinian teen provocateur", indicted last week by an Israeli court for throwing rocks and attacking Israeli soldiers, has been absurdly referred to as a modern-day Joan of Arc by many. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said she was merely “standing up for her rights”, while Al Jazeera asked “Why is the West praising Malala, but ignoring Ahed?”

"Well, for starters, Malala, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, was shot in the head in a singular act of courage for defying the Taliban in Pakistan to demand that girls be allowed to receive education."

This article reveals how the 18-year-old is part of her family's attempt to spark a new intifada.

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Posters supporting Palestinian protester Ahed Tamimi removed from London bus shelters

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Denmark withholds funds to Palestinian NGOs to stop honouring of terrorists

US threatens to cut Palestinian funding unless negotiations resume

Polish consulate in Ukraine hosts anti-Semitic nativity play for Christmas

Netherlands: Jewish restaurant that was attacked last month is repeatedly targeted

Germany’s foreign minister sparks criticism for repeating false “apartheid regime” claim against Israel Read

French publisher plans to reprint "anti-Semitic and pro-Hitler" essays Read

Israel foils Iranian-run terror cell operating out of South Africa

New BBC drama McMafia accused of anti-Israel tropes and "deception"

ISIS in Sinai declares war on Hamas Read

UKIP leader responds to Jerusalem embassy move question



Archaeologists find 2700-year-old 'governor of Jerusalem' seal

A stamped piece of clay from the First Temple period, which belonged to the “governor of the city” of Jerusalem – the most prominent local position to be held in Jerusalem of 2700 years ago – has been discovered during archaeological works in the Western Wall Plaza

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Record number of tourists visited Israel in 2017, most for first time

2018: What next for the Middle East?
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