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NEW! Phantom Power Supply

PLUS: Make a mic out of a hula hoop and a clock

Cortado Contact Mic

NEW! Espresso Portable Phantom Power Supply On Sale NOW!

The Espresso takes one 9V battery and furnishes 30-48V phantom power to a female XLR input. It outputs either a balanced mic level or unbalanced line level signal via a ¼” TRS jack. Designed as a companion to the Cortado Balanced Contact Mic, it can also power a variety of condenser mics. With a nifty adapter cable, you can record straight into your smartphone using simple voice recording apps.
In Unbalanced line level mode, the Espresso  functions similar to a reversed active DI box, but small and light enough to hang on your instrument strap. Any acoustic instrument that can accept a Cortado Contact Mic as a pickup can be run straight into an instrument amp!
See / hear the Espresso in action!
CLICK to Download Espresso Owners Manual
Hula Mic Instructable
Make this crazy vocal mic with a Hula Hoop, a Cortado Contact Mic, and a CLOCK!
Watch the video above, or read our Instructable to see how.
Hula Mic Demo by Zeppelin Design Labs
Now for something
Completely Ridiculous!
The Hula Mic suspends a piece of trash in the middle of a hula hoop, and picks up your voice with a Cortado Contact Mic. Every piece of trash sounds different, and to prove it we recorded this PREPOSTEROUS ARRANGEMENT of "Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon" by Queen.

How Does Phantom Power Work?

Phantom Power is an ingenious method for powering condenser microphones and other audio devices with active electronics circuits. A relatively high DC voltage (usually 48V) is supplied to an audio signal; since an audio signal consists of only AC (alternating current), a capacitively coupled signal can alternate around any DC voltage without the DC carrier being noticed by the receiving circuitry -- a phantom power supply.
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