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Dear client,

We have now survived the first weeks of the corona pandemic. For many of us, life has been very different to what it used to be. We are worried about all kinds of things. Hopefully, Easter will provide some respite amidst the crisis.
The coronavirus has affected different industries in different ways, and the economic situation of companies has varied greatly, even among enterprises operating in the same industry. Nonetheless, we have talked to business owners and received feedback from them, and it has been great to discover how many new opportunities they also see in the current circumstances. Although their confidence may be tested, they have not lost hope.
We at Talenom do our best to help our customers. Now we are offering credit information at a 50% discount. The offer is valid until the end of May. With access to your clients’ credit information, minimising risks is easier. The service is available through Talenom Online, and it is extremely easy to use: simply enter your client’s business ID, and you will receive the latest information about their financial standing by e-mail.
Have you found our pages yet? They provide topical information about the situation in a nice, concise format. Do have a look!
With confidence

Otto-Pekka Huhtala
Talenom Oyj


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