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Dear Client,

Yesterday’s government decision to reopen schools was excellent news. I believe that this means the remaining corona restrictions will be lifted, one step at a time. This brings hope to entrepreneurs.

Our daily life, as we once new it, may never return. Many things have changed and will change. Businesses have closed down and jobs have been lost. The government has wanted to bear the financial responsibility for the restrictions, and I hope you have applied for all the support available for your business.

This exceptional era has spawned new ideas, products and ways to do things. They form a good foundation for building something new. Entrepreneurs have to work extremely hard, but I know they have what it takes. Entrepreneurs form the backbone of Finland’s economic activity. They are the builders of the future with their own willpower, persistence, creativity and willingness to take risks. Talenom wants to help your business get back on its feet.

I wish you all a happy May Day!


Otto-Pekka Huhtala
Talenom Oyj


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