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Dear Fellow Member,
On Thursday, the most important vote in generations will take place. Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron has said there is a stark choice in the EU Referendum. We can vote to remain as a tolerant, internationalist nation achieving more through peaceful cooperation with other nations to address international problems and increase prosperity. Or we can turn into an insular, poorer nation with less influence in the world.
There are 3 main reasons why Liberal Democrats support remaining in the EU. And there are simple ways you can help Remain win on Thursday.
3 reasons why Lib Dems back Remain
  • Firstly, the EU has brought prosperity and is the world’s biggest market. 60% of our trade is with the EU. As a nation, we benefit from the Single Market and by having a say over how it operates. Britain has helped build the most successful trading area the world has seen, helping Britain to build the 5th biggest economy in the world. We will be a great deal poorer if we walk away from it.
  • Secondly, Liberal Democrats have always argued that cooperation is better than confrontation. To have cooperation, we need to have the international organisations that can take shared decisions. The EU is one of the most successful multi-national institutions to ever exist. Before 1945, Europe had been torn apart by war. Since then, war between European nations such as France, Germany and Britain is unthinkable. Why? Because in the EU nations can work together to resolve differences and share resources.
  • Thirdly, what happens in Europe, our own backyard, directly affects us across the Channel here in Britain, such as tackling pollution and regulating trade. If we leave, the EU will continue to take decisions that will directly affect us here, such as on trade and business, but over which we will no longer have a say. We want Britain to have real influence abroad. We will have much less if we are outside the EU.
The establishment and growth of the EU has been one of the great, positive international factors of the last 70 years. It has helped keep nations as friendly allies rather than angry enemies, reduced pollution which knows no boundaries, boosted trade and reduced protectionism, increased prosperity and tackled crime.

Brexit will see the UK walk away from all of this. Why put jobs and our economy at risk?
How you can help
We have only 3 days of campaigning left. Please help us to spread the message that staying IN the EU is best for Britain. 
  • Forward this email to like-minded people.
  • If you are on Facebook or Twitter, post that you are voting to stay IN. Suggested wording is: “I’m voting on Thursday to stay IN. Britain is stronger in Europe.”
  • Deliver some leaflets - reply to this email if you can deliver some near where you live.
  • Speak to family, friends and neighbours about the need to vote to Remain.
  • Don't forget to vote! Polling stations are open on Thursday from 7am to 10pm.
The polls show the result is likely to be very close. If you have been able to help already, then thank you, but at this stage we need everyone who can to do more to help us to ensure Remain wins. We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Wallace, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition, Gateshead Council
Frank Hindle, Chairman, Gateshead Liberal Democrats
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