APRIL 2018
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“I met M.D, who is originally from Haiti and recently immigrated to Canada, in a Reception Centre as part of a workshop about listening. The workshop involves exchanging a ball: you have to have the ball to be able to speak. At the end of the workshop, he thanked me for the 2-hour oasis that he had just lived with us. I offered him to keep the ball as an object to remind him he will only be at the Centre for a limited time, that the place is only a temporary stop in his life, that he will experience something afterwards. A few weeks later, I saw him by coincidence and he shared with me that he did find an apartment and thanked me with a hug: ‘Your ball made it possible for me to escape when I needed it, to realize that the period was only a transition and that novelty was ahead of me. You have been the spark that lifted me up again.’
He left with the ball.”

Kena (IdAction)

Call for projects for artistic residencies of Métissages Urbains: This year, we would like to invite an Indigenous artist and two artists who want to work with newcomers in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and in Montréal-Nord. 

Deadline for newcomer artistic residencies: April 30th, 2018.

Deadline for Indigenous artistic residency: May 15th, 2018.

We look forward to seeing the applications. For more details or to submit your application, click here.

Call for applications for Exeko's Board of Administration: We are currently looking for enthusiastic and devoted administrators to join Exeko’s Board of Administration and significantly contribute to our mission. You can apply until the beginning of May. For more details or to submit your application, click here (in French).
Concert in Verdun
On March 28th, the Église Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs resonated with music from the Orchestre Métropolitain. A group of a dozen co-researchers from Les Muses and Bout du monde took the opportunity to enjoy the harmonies and observe the inclusiveness of the event. In order to better understand questions related to inclusion within the cultural world (and institutions), the team met again a few days later to share their esthetic impressions and their social analyses. 
The end of Language Stories 2017-2018
After 3 months in different Indigenous communities as part of the Language Stories projects, the last team recently came back.  Their return means the end of the season and the beginning of post-mortem discussions and debriefs with the team but also with partners, teachers and facilitators with whom we collaborated in the communities. Thank you, people of Nutashkuan, Mingan, Lac-Simon, Pessamit and Wemotaci
IdAction Mobile and Leah from MABELLEarts 
MABELLEarts from Toronto visited us on April 9th and joined one of our facilitators onboard of the van. That evening the workshop was centered on the following question: If you had a key, what would it open and what would it be made of? “The key to freedom and nature”, “The key to my kingdom and it would have wings”, “The key to happiness” and “The key for the truck transporting money for banks” are some of the answers provided by the participants.
2018 Summit on Indigenous Youth Leadership Development
For a second consecutive year, Sacred Fire Productions organized a beautiful event in the heart of Montreal gathering over 100 leaders from various Indigenous communities all over Quebec. Conferences, workshops, brainstorming sessions and speeches were on the program for this 2018 Summit, around the main topic : (Re)claim our cultures. We had the privilege to not only attend, but by also to facilitate a workshop based on our projects in communities as part of program Language Stories. Thank you to Nadine St-Louis and all her team for this wonderful weekend, but also to all these youth for their presence, participation and knowledge sharing.
Exploration day at Montréal-Nord 
On April 6th, Emma, Angeline and Dorothée participated in an exploratory excursion in Montréal-Nord to meet community organizations. They were warmly welcomed and were happy to be finding complementarity with local organizations. Thank you to the Maison culturelle et communautaire de Montréal-Nord, Un itinéraire pour tous, the Centre des jeunes l'Escale, the Halte-Femmes Montréal-Nord, and Coup de pouce jeunesse for your enthusiasm and smiles! We look forward to coming back for a visit!
News from the team...
○ A newcomer from France’s national volunteer service just joined Exeko to help with communications. Welcome Robin Béninca!

○ On April 10th, facilitators explored interior design options of our new idAction mobile van. We can’t wait to see the result!
We love our community
Every month, we use this section to introduce you to one of the wonderful human beings who gravitate around us, volunteer, participant, partner… It is Wissam’s turn to share a team member’s portrait: Angeline Charron.

"She has only been in Montreal for two weeks and, without wasting any time, she has joined the Exeko team as Inclusive City Project Officer. After obtaining a Bachelor in Literature and a Bachelor in Geography, Angeline just finished her Master in Urbanism with a major on international urbanism. In addition to her love for jazz, travels and encounters, Angeline has also been interested for years in the relationships women have to the city." [READ MORE (in French)]

On en parle

We would like to highlight the contribution from the Secrétariat des affaires autochtones du Gouvernement du Québec to our projects. 
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