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from Palm Springs.

I’ve been going back to basics.

Three basic things that have been helping my health and fitness the most lately:

Apple Watch: Helps me focus on movement, outside of intentional exercise, aka getting in daily step-goals. Doing one workout a day while spending the rest of the time mostly sedentary isn’t sufficient, and the step-counters keep me honest.

32oz Water Bottle: A standard glass of water is 8oz, so consuming the water in your 32oz bottle 2x per day accounts for the daily recommendation of 8 glasses per day. When I lost my water bottle and starting drinking out of cups, my water intake went down considerably. Establishing a standardized system for accountability is very helpful.

My Fitness Pal App: I recently started playing with the meal tracking features of the app, and it’s much more robust than I’d realized. For example, you can sync data from your smart scale, send out reminders to track on certain days of the week (weekend fog, anyone?), and complete information modules that educate you about nutrition.

Ayahuasca didn’t go as planned.

I’m still processing the experience, but I don’t believe that ayahuasca itself was to blame. I think it can be a healing, transformational tool when consumed in a safe setting. Here are some best practices I’ve come to find:


  • 1. Bring straws to the ceremony to help you to drink water as easily as possible.

  • 2. Don’t drink an entire glass of ayahuasca at once. Have small sips at your seat so you can moderate how your body is responding. Once you’re “under”, “undoing” what you’ve ingested is not a speedy process.

  • 3. Go with a friend, if you can.

  • 4. Go to a center with shamans vetted by someone in your network.

  • 5. I would recommend booking with Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador.

Questions to Ask a Center You’re Considering:

  • How will the ayahuasca be consumed?

  • Can participants drink their ayahuasca slowly, at their own pace?

  • What is the ratio of shamans to participants?

  • How many chaperones will there be who not be consuming ayahuasca at all?

  • Will there be a first aid kit on site?

  • Are any of the chaperones/shamans First Aid/CPR certified?

  • If someone needed emergency medical care, how would that care be provided?

  • Under what circumstances would someone be driven to the hospital?

  • If necessary, how would someone be transported to the hospital?

  • Would the driver be someone who had not consumed ayahuasca?


““Choice implies consciousness - a high degree of consciousness. Without it, you have no choice.” - Eckhart Tolle


Release perfectionism.

Good, not perfect.

Start before you’re “ready.”

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