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GBE Solution Provider News No.10
Everything you need to know about GBE Robust Specifications


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I though I would remind you below of the issues discussed and link you to some more pages with service bands, scope and prices.
Everything you need to know about Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE)’s GBE Robust Specifications proposals with links to related documents on GBE website
GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia collaborates with solution providing manufacturers, suppliers, installers and servers, and offers a service to create Robust Specification for their products, systems and services. GBE looks for problems and finds solutions to consider for inclusion on GBE, but products and materials must also meet some criteria based on GBE’s Healthy Environmental Resourceful Appropriate Competent Effective Yardstick criteria GBE explains why it’s important for a manufacturer, supplier or installer to have a readymade specification in their armory of marketing and specification sales tools GBE explains the features, scope, purpose and benefits of a GBE Robust Specification why it is useful to you and to your customers GBE realises that some product ranges are quite extensive and complex; including product, accessories and systems; Choosing which accessory goes with each product to make up systems can be complex.
Knowing which system applies to which application can be challenging too.
GBE puts together matrix of applications against products accessories and systems to help specifiers to choose and edit specifications GBE also offer to create GBE Outlines which extract the essence of elements, junctions, applications, systems, details, products, accessories and tools; these are arranged into a hierarchical order which can become part of your literature or the core of an App to select the right product to do a particular job GBE explains the process of converting your exiting specification to a GBE Robust Specification and capturing all the Golden Nuggets from your literature, certificates, website and advertising GBE explains some of the risks of not having a readymade specification template GBE schedules the services offered in each price band: Basic, Standard, Enhanced and Premium all of which include pages on the website and product information uploaded for users to download
There is a standard budget calculator where you can add the number of products and get a price for the service. GBE have also created a budget calculator for a bespoke services; you can cherry pick or choose from all the options available, choose service levels, add number of product, pages and document uploads. GBE add a % for discount for quantity.  You get a price for set-up costs, annual renewal costs in £ or €  
GBE Compares the services offered and prices charged by GBE and competitors GBE promotes problem solving products via social media, pinterest and its two newsletters, one aimed at website users/members and one aimed at solution providers, the ambition is they go out on average monthly but as frequent at weekly or quarterly and introduce new product and specifications added to GBE website © GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
8th August 2016 - 10th August 2016
GBE SP News No 9
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