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Impatient - Patient?
Opposites Game
Have your children start at one side of the room
Whatever you say, they have to do the opposite.
The goal is to make it to the other side of the room without making a mistake.
If they make a mistake, they go back to the start.
You can adjust the examples below to suit the ages of your children.
  • Go means stop.
  • Stop means go. (1 large step)
  • Big means small (they can’t move when doing this).
  • Small means big (they can’t move when doing this).
  • Skip means crawl.
  • Crawl means skip.
  • Swim means fly (arms out, walking forward with wings)
  • Fly means swim (pretend you’re swimming, walking forward).
  • Start with just the first 4, and then add, and make up, as many as your kids can handle!
Life is full of things that have an opposite, can you think of some?
The way we feel can also have opposites, can you think of some?
What is the opposite of impatient?
Equipment     Playing cards - enough sets for each child to have 10 – 20 cards.
You could use old greetings cards for younger children

Give each child a small pile of playing cards and ask them if they can build a house out of cards. This is traditionally done by balancing 2 cards together in an upside down “V” shape, and repeating with 3 or more sets until you have a row of upside down “V” shapes. Then a line of cards are placed horizontally on top and the process is repeated on a second level. However, the children may want to try other ways.
After a few minutes of trying, see if anyone has achieved anything!

Chat about..

  • Who do you think is the most patient person in this room? (The answer will be evident!)
  • What are the benefits of patience – why is patience a good thing?
The Marshmallow test (or any other temping treat!)
Perhaps you could try the Marshmallow Test at home
(note – it’s probably best for the children to do it before watching the video!)

Chat about..
What would you do if you were the one sat in the chair?
How patient are you?
Would you eat it?
Would you be able to be patient and wait for the treat that was promised?

Shrek 2 
Shrek has married Princess Fiona, and the newlyweds are on the long journey to Far Far Away Land to be blessed by Fiona's parents. Donkey has come along for the ride and finds the journey rather tedious!

Chat about..

  • Why does donkey keep asking if they are nearly there when it is obvious that they aren't?

  • How do you think Fiona and Shrek feel about it?
  • How patient are Shrek and Fiona with Donkey?
  • Do you think it is hard to be patient with other people? Why?
  • In what other circumstances might you get impatient?
  • How do you show it?
  • Is it bad to be impatient?
  • What can you do to help yourself be more patient?

Peter was one of Jesus' disciples – a very special friend. He was a brave man, but very impatient, and Jesus often had to be patient and help him out when he was in trouble. Watch what happened when he was on the lake in his boat one day.

Being patient is about not giving up! It’s about loving people and putting other people’s needs before ours.
Can you make a paper heart wreath or paper chain of hearts to remind you to be patient with others in these strange days.

click HERE for instructions
The Patience Rap!

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